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  • Shanghai Bay National Forest Park is a forest as the main body, the integration of forest seedling production, leisure and tourism, scientific research and science education as one of the simulation of natural large-scale artificial urban ecological forest. Bay National Forest Park about is about 30 km in distance, 30 minutes drive from hotel.

  • Shanghai Disney Park,marked as China’s second park, it’s rated as the third in Asia of the world's sixth Disney theme park. It is the best place for tourists and families away from city to spend good time. 60 minutes drive from hotel.

  • Shanghai Shenlong ecological park covers an area of 11780 acres, a nature like garden, green islands are as if embedded in the land of the jade, arch bridge, stream, islands, green lake, twists and turns small path, the Green Island slope circuit. Shen Long ecological park is about 15 km in distance, 20 minutes drive from hotel.

  • The Shanghai Glod Sand and Blue Sea water park is currently the largest artificial beach in china,it is the only rippling blue sea in Shanghai region. It covers a water area of 650 thousand square meters, 80 thousand square meters of beach area. The park is about 18 kilometers in distance, and is about 25 minutes drive from hotel.