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  • Cuisine in Yuehua is spectacular,guests can experience the changes of city taste through delicious food ."Yuehua" catering signs are very convincing , more than ten years of precipitation, accumulation and continuous innovation has brought the hotel good reputation of "Culinary Kingdom, Gourmet Paradise". The hotel has four different styles of restaurants, ChaoJiangChun restaurant focus on Teochew cuisine; LongYinGe Restaurant is leading on sea food and farm flavor ; Rose Cafe Western Restaurant is specilized in French cuisine and Italian food; Sakura Japanese Restaurant brings authentic Japanese cooking.

    RoseCafe ChaoJiangChun SakuraJapanese LongYinGe
  • Rose Cafe Sakura Japanese Executive Lounge
    LongYinGe ChaoJiangChun Peony Banquet Hall

    Rose Cafe Restaurant with it’s fresh and elegant environment, provides buffet breakfast, coffee meals, high-grade Western-style food service. Along with strong Western cultural atmosphere, melodious music, foil champagne wine, favorite choice for the foreign guests.

    Sakura Japanese Restaurant’s decoration are being more mysterious and attractive, exquisite authentic dishes, real Japan atmosphere for guests to enjoy Japanese delicacy.

    Executive Lounge is a ideal place to relax and rest.

    LongYinGe Restaurant has 28 dinning rooms with warm and chic surrounding , focus on sea food and farm flavor which is an excellent choice for family occasion and friends party.

    Chao Jiang Chun Restaurant owns 20 super luxury dinning rooms with luxurious decoration, high-grade abalone, offers you a valued enjoyment.

    The Peony Banquet Hall is a multi-functional hall which can simultaneously accommodate for 400 people, is the best choice for company ‘s large banquet,annual meeting and celebrities.