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Human culture

Shanghai Yuehua hotel is regarded as one of the larger hotels of business scale as well as good economic benefit hotels, more important is the Yuehua hotel has formed a good developed cycle stability . This is largely part due to our talent policy.

We are committed to create an easy and efficient working atmosphere. Convinced that the success of the enterprise depends on the strength of the team. Through our consistently training of the internal and external culture, to attract and gather a large number of talents. The promotion of excellent staff makes a greater development of Yuehua as to create more opportunities for development.

Application notes:

(1)Candidate materials are required to provide personal ID, graduation certificate, degree certificates, title certificates and other related documents and a copy of the recent 1 inch bareheaded photo, and relevant documents, Candidate who fail to submit all materials will be presented details to the human resources.

(2)In order to ensure that your application is successful, please fill in this form in detail, and be responsible for the authenticity of the content. Contact information should be accurate and effective, it is easy to do the relevant background investigation.

(3)Interviews will be notified by telephone to all candidates.

(4)Human resource will not notify failures due to personnel privacy.